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Welcome to highfive.me.uk, the home of the high five on the internet! If you love high fiving, or just want to find out more about the high five you've come to the right place. We've got more high five facts, videos and pictures than you can shake a stick at.

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The high five is and always has been part of what makes us human. Yes, it may have been overused in the '80s and shunned in the '90s, but it's back, better than ever - both as the original, joyous symbol of celebration and congratulation it was meant to be and also, for those who are too cool for something so 'passé', it's gone post-modern. Irony or good clean exuberance, take it either way, but never leave a brother hanging.

Highfive.me.uk aims to re-establish the high five's rightful place in our society and even gives a few tips on how to get the most out of your high fiving.

So take a look around our site and find out:

And that's not all - our site contains a section listing high fives in popular culture, information on the science of the high five, and our own shop so you can get yourself some high quality highfive.me.uk merchandise!

So come on in, take a look around, and if you've got something to add feel free to e-mail us, or sign up for free to become a member of the site and add your own high five facts - remember it takes two to high five!

HighFive.me.uk Blog

Monday, March 24, 2008

  The High Five-o-meter


We received an e-mail from Rob Nichols of Indiana, USA the other day informing us of his groundbreaking invention - the Highfiveometer! Rob describes the eureka moment:

After a night of 60+ high fives at the bar, I was sitting on my couch and noticed a pedometer. I instantly attached it to my wrist, and presto! Highfivometer

Rob's invention (pictured to the right) is now immortalised in our high five databank. Thanks for the e-mail Rob, and keep up the prolific high-fiving!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

  It has been too long...

Apologies for the long delay since we last updated this. There is no excuse - but here are a few any way:

We have been busy, had exams, new jobs and far too much responsibility to deal with. There have been internet access issues and the moving of houses by all.

That said here are a few pictures our loyal fans (family) have taken in a variety of places in the world whilst spreading the high five love:

Ian trying to re-enact the miracle five on a giant somewhere in Italy. I think it was slightly too late even for the power of the high five to do any good here. It doesn't look like this fact is getting Ian down though - which is good.

The old Folks high fiving at Machu Picchu in Peru. Slightly obscured by rain but I think we can all agree that it happened and that this isn't a photo from a elaborate sound stage in Nevada.

Giant hand fives in front of Buckingham palace - a five specially commissioned by HRH Queen Elizabeth II which from henceforth will be known as the "royal five".

Whilst in Italy Ian decided to flaunt the local (and heavily signed) law against high fiving.

Who could live with such tyranny?! A freedom movement needs to be started to overcome this brutal oppression!

Right I hope that your thirst for updates has been quenched. We will try and make the next update gap shorter to avoid the literally ones of emails demanding the latest high five news!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

  NMDSC Five - I'll vote for that!

So, we here at High Five HQ have caught wind of a plucky group of young upstarts who together seem to think they have a vision for a brighter world - a world filled with High Fives.

This may not be of huge interest to the majority of people out there on the interweb, but if you're one of the lucky few who frequent the same hallowed halls that Chris and I stalked (and on occasion still continue to stalk), those who call themselves Newcastle Medics, read on.

Team 'HIGH 5' (no relation) are running to be the next NMDSC committee.

'That's all just a load of letters, that has no bearing on my life' I hear you cry, but you'd be wrong, so so wrong!

For many years, and briefly under the stewardship of our very own Chris, the NMDSC has brought purpose and meaning to the otherwise dull and banal lives lead by medical students.

They organise the peer parenting scheme, cheese and wine, the half way party and the end of year ball, and who better to have at the helm than as fine a collection of ambassadors of the High Five as we have ever had the pleasure to meet.

To show your support, join their facebook group and vote for them before 11th May. Since you'll be on anyway, why not join our group too, you know it makes sense!
To see more about what they're about, have a look at their promotional video.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

  Long overdue updates are here!

It's been a long time since the highfive.me.uk blog was updated, so here are some overdue announcements on updates to the site.

First off - thanks to all the people who've been e-mailing with high five related information including:

There's also been some other high five related news since the last blog post:

We fought the law - the law won

We never regarded highfive.me.uk as being a controversial website so we were quite surprised when on 19 March we got the following e-mail:

I note that a graphic on your website www.highfive.me.uk makes novel use of the famous BSI Kitemark symbol as part of its centre-piece:

As you may be aware, the Kitemark symbol is a registered trademark protected in law and its use is strictly controlled - this does not extend to the form of graphic shown above !

Please remove our registered trademark from your website and any other media with immediate effect and let me know that such action has been taken.

Thanks and best regards,
Richard Moore
Technical Development Manager
Accreditation Maintenance and Development
BSI Group

The offending graphic in question is the high five kitemark that we used to have on the homepage. We were unsure whether it was actually possible to infringe on a trademark if you're not carrying on a trade, and whether the fact that our server is in Germany would allow us to keep on ripping off BSI.

However we thought it better to ditch the kitemark symbol rather than lawyer up and "stick it to the man". If anyone's an intellectual property expert and fancies giving us some advice feel free! Or if you're an artistic type and feel like desiging a new logo to denote the international standard for high fiving we'd be most grateful too.

National High Five Day 2007

April 19 was National High Five Day. Highfive.me.uk had a rather lacklustre National High Five Day this year sadly - being busy with work/exams. However I did rustle up a High Five Day Countdown Widget for Mac OS X users (to anyone who downloaded this previously: this version actually works and doesn't tell you there are 65,000 days until the next NH5D!).

Saturday, February 03, 2007

  Nobel Prize High Five

Nobel Prize Winners High Five

As well as being anti-racist highfive.me.uk is also anti-ageist - although the high five may be seen as the gesture of choice for the young and happening, we also think it transcends the generations and should unite people of all ages. Just check out these two old-timers enjoying a celebratory high five.

But wait just one minute - these aren't just two random old guys, they're Nobel Laureates Barry Marshall and Robin Warren. Marshall and Warren won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2005 for "their discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and its role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease" (they discovered that ulcers aren't caused by stress but by bacteria). They were also recently made Companions in the Order of Australia, and it looks like they celebrated with a high five then too. It goes to show that high fiving is the celebration of choice no matter how prestigious the award you're receiving is.

Friday, January 26, 2007

  Anti-Racism Five

High five

What with racist outbursts on "Big Brother", "Shipwrecked", and by the chief executive of Standard Life Insurance, Britain hasn't been portraying itself as a particularly tolerant nation of late. As highfive.me.uk is UK based we'd like to offer a big 'Anti-Racism' five to people around the world. The high five is such a potent symbol of friendship I'm surprised the people at the centre of these race rows haven't been slapping more skin as a means of endearing themselves to the public they've offended!

While I was looking for a suitable "anti-racism high five" image I chanced across information on "High Five a Muslim Day", it's definitely one of the more controversial high fives I've come across. Although "High Five a Muslim Day" doesn't seem particularly offensive to anyone; most of the sites I found information about it on seemed fairly bigoted, and I'd hate to see the high five become a symbol of intolerance. I'm sure all you high five fans out there will keep it real and continue to spread the high five goodwill. Peace out.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

  Happy Birthday to Us!

Today is HighFive.me.uk's first birthday. Just twelve short months ago the world was without a website devoted entirely to the high five. We've enjoyed making the site over the past year, and it's been good to hear from all the high five enthusiasts from around the world. If you've got any high five information or stories you'd like to share (or you just want to say happy birthday) send us an e-mail to e-five@highfive.me.uk.

There's been a recent update to the site - we've created new videos for the Jive Five and the Desk Five. These are probably our favourite videos so far (despite being of a couple of the more esoteric types of high five) we hope you like them too.