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Friday, August 11, 2006

High Five Me is proud to be supporting Sydneys Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter. It may be supporting it in pure personel terms rather than with funds, but it is support non the less.
We have a lot to thank the helicopter Lifesaver 1 for - it was the location of the worlds first helicopter high five! To my knowledge anyway and that is good enough for me! Thanks go to my brother Ian for suggesting that such a monumental five should take place.

The opera house was beneath us, the patient wasnt dead, it was a beautiful sunny day, there was no excuse not to celebrate. There was no need to the helmet comms, I just raised my hand and my indication was clear the Aussie paramedic was quick to resiprocate the gesture and the sweet sweet five took place. Even above the roar of the rotor blades and through the built in ear defenders of my helmet, the slap of the palms could be heard. It was a good day. All we needed was a ghetto blaster with some 80s rock and a volley ball net but such is life...


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