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Sunday, July 16, 2006

  Hollywood High Fives

Emily and JemmaEmily's been in LA recently and while there she took the opportunity to High Five with Jemma over Tom Cruise's Walk of Fame star! Cruise has a prominent place in High Five culture, having starred as Maverick in the classic "Top Gun" he's famous for unleashing the High Five, Low Five on an unsuspecting world back in '86.

Thats freshYou know who else lives in LA apart from Tom Cruise and a bunch of other Scientologists? The Fresh Prince of Bel Air thats who, and if you remember the TV series as well as Danny Gray does you'll recall that Will and Jazzy Jeff had their own Fresh Prince Five. Danny pointed out our list of High Five Variations was lacking this type of five, and even sent us a link to a video of the Fresh Prince Five in action! Good work D-Money!

You can check out our new entry for the Fresh Prince Five here.

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